●Freight area

Bonded cargo storage shed


Main facilities


●Office area

We have lease space in the office at our international freight building, which enables us to smoothly provide detailed logistics services in cooperation with firms handling logistics or trade.

Tenant firms

  • DHL Global Forwarding Japan KK.
  • Hokkai Transportation Co., Ltd. Shin-Chitose Airport Office
  • Kuribayashi & Co., Ltd. Chitose Office
  • Nippon Express Co., Ltd. Sapporo Air Service, International Freight Section
  • Nissin Corporation Shin-Chitose Airport Office
  • Sapporo Express Co., Ltd. International Freight Branch Chitose Office
  • Schenker-Seino Co., Ltd. Sapporo Branch
  • Seino Customs Clearance Service Co., Ltd. Sapporo Airport Office
  • Yusen Logistics Co., Ltd. Chitose Sales Office