Personal information protection policy

Sapporo International Air Cargo Terminal Co., Ltd. (“the Company”) has established a personal information protection policy and created mechanisms to protect personal information as described below. The Company promotes personal information protection by making certain all of its employees thoroughly recognize the importance of personal information protection and the Company’s efforts to protect personal data.

Management of personal information

The Company has enacted measures necessary to maintain customer personal information in an accurate and up-to-date condition and prevent unlawful access to personal information and the loss, damage, falsification, leak, or other misuse of such information. These measures include the establishment of a security system maintenance and management organization and thorough employee training, the implementation of security measures, and strict control of personal information.

Purposes for which personal information is used

The Company uses the personal information it has gathered from customers to deliver communications from the Company, distribute information on our businesses and services, respond to questions, and send email and materials.

Prohibition of disclosure and provision of personal information to third parties

The Company controls the personal information it has gathered from customers appropriately and will not disclose personal information to a third party except in situations corresponding to any of the following:
・When it has the customer’s consent
・When it will disclose the personal information to a business to which the Company has consigned an activity in order to provide a service the customer has requested
・When disclosing the personal information is required based on laws and regulations

Inquiries about your personal information

When a customer has made an inquiry concerning his or her personal information or requested measures such as its revision or deletion, the Company will comply with the request after verification of the identity of the individual making the inquiry or request.

Compliance with laws, regulations and standards

The Company complies with all laws and regulations, government-enacted policies and other standards concerning the handling of personal information.


For inquiries concerning the Company’s administration of personal information please contact the following office.
Sapporo International Air Cargo Terminal Co., Ltd.
Head Office TEL: 0123-22-1701 FAX: 0123-22-1751